We’re Going Full Retard in 2011

Posted Feb 15, 2011

First email since I fired the avatar up last weekend:

“HUMP JONES!!! So happy you’re back, but WHY??? I was just getting over life without you. Are you going to disappear on me again?”

--Reese in Buffalo NY

I Got a Little Story to Tell

I’ve been acting professional for two years now, on active duty for World Around and writing about the music business for Audible Hype. It’s put me in touch with a ton of awesome people, including cats I have huge respect for, like Blueprint or Magestik Legend. It’s also connected me to a lot of Behind The Scenes types, names I won’t even drop here because there’s no point.

Last week I wound up having a three day email conversation with one of these Nameless Heavies, and we talked in depth about the work I’m doing with World Around, my goals for Audible Hype, and even my informed nihilism over at Skilluminati Research. As the lovefest wound down, we got to talking about favorite rappers and he dropped something that probably changed the course of my life.

“You know,” he approximately said, “given how much you write and how much you love hip hop...have you ever considered rapping, yourself?


Clearly I’ve been doing everything wrong. 2011-2012 will be a Blitzkrieg offensive of Hump Jones rap spam as I massively over-compensate for years of scattered branding and bullshit humility. I am crashing the party with a duffel bag full of promo CDs and autographed posters of myself. I am embracing the excesses of hip hop promotion—Yea, All of Them. Over-saturation, shameless animal pissing contests, terrible music videos and most of all, the ravenous, non-stop Ego Tripping that makes it all possible.

So please, my friends, you have enough to worry about already without thinking I’m just gonna vanish on you again. In fact, you may never be able to get rid of me.


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